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We have reached our goal! 

If we received just $2 from 200 donors!

If we had 200 persons donate just $2 each we will have enough funds to get our non-profit 501(c)3 articles of incorporation and become a truly non-profit organization for the community. Why is this important? It is especially important for patrons that make donations and sponsor Laguna Beach Pride 365 as it is would be recognized as a tax-deductible charitable donation, and perhaps more importantly, Laguna Beach Pride will become certified as a corporate "for the community" organization.   

Please consider a donation of any amount... $1? $2? $3?  It will go for a great cause we all love! Laguna Beach Pride 365! 

American flag with stars and gay pride


For three years now, there has been a committed group of local LGBTQ members of the community working hard to develop a greater awareness of the heritage and culture of "Gay" Laguna. From its rich history with the first gay mayor in the USA, Bob Gentry, to a thriving resort community that offers the best of all things LGBTQ for everyone to enjoy! 


As part of developing a greater awareness, we have created "Pride" events that have had an overwhelming response and as a result, they have grown in size and frequency. We have become “Laguna Beach Pride 365”. But our efforts to continue to provide events to the community need your support.

We are incurring professional fees as we work to become certified as a non-profit organization. As well as accounting, marketing, and event production expenses, they all add up.


Please consider offering your support, any amount will help us to continue to move forward, as we provide a growing and thriving culture for everyone to enjoy.


Laguna Beach Pride 2019 is already in the planning stages along with many other “Laguna Beach Pride 365” events along the way!




Craig and Jonathan

Laguna Beach Pride 365

Craig Cooley and Jonathan Colliflower

Current Laguna Beach Pride 365 Sponsors...

List of Sponsors and Donors
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